Security Breaches Can Cost Millions. Our Services Cost Much Less.

No two businesses have the same security needs. Our trained security experts will build a multi-tier security plan that is the perfect fit for your company.

We provide comprehensive security services - not only do we manage your network security, we implement a plan for physical security of your network infrastructure as well.

Phase 1: Audit

To start, we perform a comprehensive security audit on-site. After the audit is complete, we provide you with a full report detailing everything that needs to be changed, replaced, upgraded, installed, and removed in order to bring your network to a secure state. Each potential threat is assigned an importance value, so you can prioritize the fixes based on time, cost, or potential impact.

Phase 2: Compliance

Most businesses have some type of security standard they need to meet. Any business that deals with medical information needs to comply with HIPAA-HITECH. Any business dealing with credit cards (even if you're just accepting credit cards as payment) needs to comply with PCI-DSS standards.

In most cases, if there is a breach and you are not compliant, you will be liable for heafty penalties.

Our entire staff are well versed in the requirements of many forms of compliance. We will make sure every requirement is met, and if applicable we will apply for the necessary paperwork in order to prove compliance.

Phase 3: Management

After your entire network has been locked down, it's very easy for one small mistake to reverse all of the hard work that was done. Our 24\7\365 Security Operations Center (SOC) will look for potential security threats, and stop them from affecting your network. Our SOC receives telemetry data from a secure device that we install on your network, which is constantly scanning for security threats. If we find a potential issue, we implement a fix. If we detect an intrusion in progress, we do what we can to shut it down.

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