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It's 2020 - every business leverages computers in one way or another. Good, bad, or indifferent, we're now living in a world where embracing technology is essentially a requirement for a business to succeed. Having a reliable, dependable, and friendly face to help you navigate the world of technology will make the process so much easier.

You wouldn't bring your car to a mechanic you don't trust- why should you do the same with your technology?

All of our IT services have three major components: proactive, reactive, and preventative.

Proactive services include 24\7\365 status monitoring of all of your equipment. We will configure your devices to send a constant stream of telemetry data to us, and our systems look for issues with your equipment such as viruses, hardware failures, security concerns, low resources, and other such issues. As soon as we are notified of such a problem, we work to resolve the issue. In most cases, we handle the issue before you even notice it.

Reactive services include responding to issues brought to our attention by you or a member of your staff. Simply open a ticket or give us a call - we will take care of your issue expeditiously and thoroughly.

Preventative services include performing maintenance on your equipment to prevent issues from occurring. This includes applying necessary updates, performing scheduled cleanups, and manually inspecting equipment for possible problematic configurations.

The best part? All of these services are bundled together in one low monthly cost.

Submit your current IT bill to us, and we'll beat or match it!1

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1: we will match or beat any reasonable existing IT services bill, for the same services with the same SLA, excluding any discounts or promotions offered by the existing company. Taxes and fees may apply. No partial services permitted.

We ♥ Long Island
Long Island is more than just our home- it's a way of life for so many of us. We understand that business operates differently on Long Island, and we know exactly what your business needs in order to thrive. We service companies throughout Nassau and Suffolk with pride, saving money and guaranteeing quality. Apollo Networks is Your Partner in Technology.
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