Analog Phones Have No Place
In A Digital World

Analog phone systems are a thing of the past. At Apollo Networks, we design and install custom digital phone systems, specifically tailored to the individual needs of a particular business.

Our phone servers are powered by an application called Asterisk, the industry leader in phone system software which has been in production since 1999. All of our phones and servers are thoroughly tested Sangoma hardware (of which we are an authorized reseller). As a leading distributor of phone hardware on Long Island, we get highly discounted rates which lead to huge discounts for you.

Why go digital?

Digital systems offer features that analog systems simply cannot, such as:

  • Visual voicemail
  • Remote phones
  • Integration with other software
  • Advanced phone applications
  • Email\text alerts

Furthermore, digital phones are more secure, as all calls are encrypted.

Will I spend more money?

Quite the opposite- our clients typically see significant savings on their monthly phone bill. Digital phone channels are much less expensive than analog phone lines.

Is it true that faxing doesn't work with digital phone systems?

Yes, but not with us! Digital phone systems feature a special feature called compression -this allows the audio to trasmit more fluidly by removing noise and compressing the audio down to a thinner transmission. Although this makes phone calls sound better, it can cause some issues with faxing, as some of the audio that is picked up as noise may be crucial to the fax.

We utilize a system that allows digital faxing to work perfectly. Although the specifics of it are proprietary, our system transmits your fax as a digital image, and then sends it out over uncompressed analog fax lines, ensuring that the entire fax is transmitted cleanly and flawlessly.

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