Project Spotlight: Office East Meadow, NY

Detailing an Apollo Networks project at an office in East Meadow, NY

From Soup To Nuts

This organization contracted with Apollo Networks to handle a number of issues they were experiencing.

What Did We Do?

This network looked a lot worse than it actually was. The before and after photos below are some of our favorite to show off because of just how different it looks. There was a legacy phone system (which was powered down for 5+ years), a "server" (which was actually just an old desktop PC running Windows 7), and a copuple of network switches. The cable runs going to the desks throughout the suite were all terminated and plugged directly into the switch.

A lot went into this one. To begin, the network equipment was removed and replaced with all new equipment in a cabinet. The cables were cut down to a more manageable length and terminted into a patch panel. The computer was replaced with a new server, and all of the computers throughout the building were replaced with new ones. Instead of relying on a faint wireless signal from within a closet, two new access points were installed in the suite. Finally, the shelves were replaced with new thicker plywood, as the client was going to be installing some additional equipment that could not be rack mounted and would be a bit heavy.

After getting everything set up and cleaned, the client was set up with a new managed services agreement, and has been sailing smoothly since.

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