Project Spotlight: Office West Babylon, NY

Detailing an Apollo Networks project at an office in West Babylon, NY

Clean And Optimized

Apollo Networks was called in to investigate a slow network with connectivity issues. We found a lot of work to be done!

What Did We Do?

During our consultation we found a number of issues with the network. The pictures below speak for themselves, but there is a lot more to it than just messy cables. For starters- this office (which has 9 computers) was using a Netgear ISR (commonly called a "Wireless Router") which was nearly 10 years old. Even when this router was new, it is designed for home use and wasn't equipped to handle the load being placed on it. (Note - the Before picture below was taken after the new router and switch were installed, before the equipment was cleaned up) Some additional problems we found were even more troublesome, such as ethernet cables being terminated with a male end (a plug going directly into a switch) instead of using a patch panel - and those terminations were not very tight, allowing for crosstalk and interference.

We started by upgrading their network hardware - we replaced the Netgear WNR2000 and Zonet switch (a brand we've never heard of!) with our standard suite of hardware, including a router, a 16 port POE switch, and a WiFi 6 compatible access point, which is ceiling mounted in the center of the office.

Although we would normally do this at the same time, we cleaned up the network after. This was done in order to prioritize getting the new network hardware online. To clean it up, we installed a 6U open-frame wall mounted rack in the same spot. We then terminated all of the ethernet cables into the patch panel, and used Cat6A patch cables to connect the patch panel to the switch. Everything was cleanly and properly labeled, cables were cut to length, and everything was connected to a battery backup.

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